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Speak Life September 2023
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Our Story...

"Our Wellness hub is created to inspire, equip and encourage a holistic life. We believe that in order to experience holistic success there should be a golden thread of connection between one's mind, body and spirit"

- Mpoomy Ledwaba, Founder


Whilst dealing with the psychological struggles of my postpartum depression. Never did I imagine, that sharing the experience of this dance with this darkness, would lead to the healing of thousands. Our community is a movement of love; it represents something bigger than myself, instilling faith and wisdom in each other, so we can all be holistically well.


The vision is clear, it is to help build a generation of society builders. Wisdom & Wellness is a movement that shifts paradigms, it is a space that explores and takes advantage of all opportunities for personal, mental and physical growth.



"Our offering is rooted in the divine discovery of self, finding things to love about self and affirming

self-worth. Providing tools that support our community to help them  successfully navigate their life journey."


We recognise the needs of our members in this age of millennia. Holistic wellness in these times also means; being financially savvy, intentional about our business and career moves, maintaining healthy relationships, good mental health practices and taking care of our physical bodies.


Our community helps members shape various areas of their lives with a consciousness of the milestones they wish to achieve. Having them  live each day with purpose, Wisdom & Wellness is a guide with love to a more fulfilled life.

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Our podcast is designed to educate, inspire and provide tools to help us become our best selves. 

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