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Hello Wisdom & Wellness family...

Welcome to the grey corner at Wisdom & Wellness. This girl randomly asked me one afternoon; "mom, do you still love writing?", and without even thinking twice I answered of course I do even though I don't write much. A few weeks later, more questions related to that followed and now, here I am with a pen in hand. I feel honoured and privileged to have been handpicked to be a part of the Wisdom & Wellness hub and I look forward to not only sharing what I've learnt over the years but also what I continue to discover in my midlife.

My name is Nomusa Mondlane (born Hlatshwayo), born 51 years ago on the 26th of June. Sounds like a very long time ago but to me it feels like it's just the beginning. Some years pass by so quickly while life is on autopilot until one comes to a stage of being intentional about most if not all things.

When I was a child the order of the day was just playing and being sent from pillar to post, no hectic homework, TV, or cellphone. We played our legs ashy until sunset when everyone would run home to bath. I guess I started being more aware of life and taking responsibility for myself when my older brother and I were sent to boarding school when I was about to turn 12 and do standard 6 (now grade 8). I spent most of my teenage years away from home because we lived in a small township and the nearest high school was about 25km away, so boarding school was the best option. That, I must say, interfered a lot with me having a close relationship with my mother, I had to grow up quickly and be independent. Probably one of the reasons that to this day I still believe I can do things myself, if there's help there is but if there isn't I roll up my sleeves. Soon after high school I went to the University of Zulu-land the year I turned 17 and only relocated back home after my honours degree to start working in 1993. From then, my mother and I built a more fulfilling relationship and it has grown steadily over the years.

I spent my mid twenties & thirties focusing on being a wife and bringing up my kids and I now realise that at some point I forgot about myself and had to make sure that they were well fed, they did their homework, went to extra mural activities, etc. zero regrets though, I'm not complaining at all - I see the results. I'm a mother of five grown kids (two of whom are my husband's from a previous relationship); two handsome boys & three gorgeous girls. I enjoy seeing each one of them grow as a person of their own, while still being able to guide them , and them still taking time to ask me for input & advise. I'm also gogo to the most beautiful and loving little best friends.

I'm a teacher by profession currently lecturing at the TVET college in Middelburg and I love what i'm doing, it really gives me fulfilment. The work that I do has exposed me to different personalities and characters; through it over the years i've learnt to be compassionate, empathetic, and patient ( even though i'm naturally very patient and accommodative). I've met young people from all walks of life and built valuable ongoing relationships with some. I love reading and I rarely go to bed not having read anything, I listen to music a lot but i have two left feet. Give me coffee and i'm sold to you. I love travelling whenever time and budget permits. Don't tamper with my Sunday afternoons, they are mine to take a long nap and do some gardening; only I can decide that you share them with me When I became a first time empty nester I started a small support group for wives which I named 'Victorious Wives' , it is based on Titus 2: 3 - 5. Go read! When I started it was something to keep me busy and extend my social life but it has become a fulfilling exploit and my passion for it has grown over the years. We talk all things wifehood: share good practice, encourage, teach, learn, and laugh hard.

The Lord is my Shepherd and my life is built on faith that in Him I live, move, and have my being. I always endeavour to not lean on my own understanding but enquire from Him and trust His divine plan for my life, and that has and continues to keep me going through the valleys and the hills.

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