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Hello Wisdom & Wellness Family

To witness the exponential growth of our community speaks of the arising demand for community, mindfulness and need for more than just material success. In a world where material is deemed the evidence of success, we seek to find holistic success. Starting from the inner self and naturally extending outwards. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a big house and cute bag, in fact we love those, but most importantly we should strive to feel successful in our mental, spiritual & physical health in order to fully enjoy the fruits of our labour. For the most part of my adult life, April has never had a significant meaning, but somehow this year feels a little different. In my first video of the year on youtube, I spoke of Building, and it seems that, that is the theme even in the selection of books. Personally the first quarter was about evaluating my foundation, my surroundings and opening up to where life wants to lead. The Alchemist was a brilliant read that opened our eyes to the realities of this journey called life and dreams. I look forward to reviewing the book via an instagram live during the coming week. Not forgetting our live review with Amanda Dambuza at the end of April, the response to gather has been amazing and I certainly look forward to it. Getting back to the significance of this new month, I see it as an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves the greater calling of my life, and that can be really hard & challenging. Anything that challenges our comfort zone feels like friction and seems to awaken a little girl called fear. Luckily our April read " Simplify Your life" will not only help us declutter our homes, careers, finances and more but also help us find out what matters to us most and focus all our energy on that.

I hope you are all caught up with our reads and Instagram page, there are so many exciting things in the works for Wisdom & Wellness and I would hate for you to not grow with us. Remember, it's not special people who change their lives, it is the ones who are intentional and consistent despite daily challenges and distractions. When we review the end of 2022 will you be proud of the small habitual changes or will you regret not starting. Please note that our April read is not an easy find, you can ask your local book store to order it for you, or make use of amazon, kindle, apple books etc. Happy reading.

Much Love & Gratitude

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